Published on: 02nd Apr 2019

The Best Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Photography is one of the most important pieces to planning your wedding. Your photos, after all, are the tangible memories you’ll have to look back on and share with those most important to you. Below, Amy of Sunshower Photography provides excellent photography advice for couples going into their wedding day. You can learn more about Amy and her photography business at Check her out!

Tips from a wedding photographer:

1. Before you decide on a time for your ceremony, confirm the sunset time for your wedding date. There are many apps that will give you the time that the sun will set in your city on your wedding day. This is especially important between October and April when daylight diminishes quickly! You don’t want to expect your photographer to
produce romantic sunlit portraits when your ceremony ends after the sun has already set.

2. Don’t count out the first look. It truly is a personal choice but consider it even when you assume it’s not for you. A first looks is a private moment between you and your partner that allows for emotions to be shared without an audience of expectation. If you want to spend the majority of your day together and prefer to take some of the pressure off of each other, this is the way to go.

3. Designate a trusted (and reliable) family member or close friend to gather family after the ceremony. Wandering people cause photos to take longer than necessary and these images are precious. Make sure that you have a specific list (usually your photographer will ask for one) to keep it moving and to ensure that you don’t forget anyone.

4. Don’t get carried away with photo lists. I know this might seem a direct contradiction to number 3, but lists are useful only in very limited circumstances. The story of your day should unfold in a way that naturally allows you to spend your time with the people that matter the most. Therefore, you will have the most photos with those people, and everyone will be happy! If you ask your photographer to spend all day checking a list he or she will without a doubt miss all the sweet intangible moments that no list could ever predict.

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5. Plan for imperfection. Nature is unpredictable, almost as unpredictable as humans. Gather a few hundred humans in nature and you are going to have some unexpected moments on the wedding day. Leave time for late guests, missing uncles and tardy groomsmen. Hire professionals that have seen it all and will be calm in the eye of the storm. Being rushed and stressed on your wedding day will show in your photos and keep you from truly living in the moment.

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About Amy:

Amy Kolodziej is a Charlotte wedding photographer focused on providing a full-service wedding experience to clients in the southeastern United States. A mix of her detail-obsession and empathetic personality help to keep Amy striving for perfection with a warm smile on her face.

Sunshower Photography has been delighting couples and photographing unforgettable weddings in The Carolinas since 2012.

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