Published on: 05th Jun 2019

How to Pick Your Wedding Music

As a wedding planner I always guide my clients “to-do” list, and at the top of the list is always music. Wedding music needs to be well thought out and not a rushed process. What important songs will be played during first dances and big moments throughout the night? What about how to handle music requests from guests and that dreaded “do not play” list? Take a browse through the great information and tips below provided from Troy of Carolina DJ Professionals. Troy is one of the greats and his company is chock full of some incredible talent. I take his advice…so here it is to pass along!

Choosing the Music for your wedding:

Choosing the music for your wedding is obviously an important element. It should also be one of the most fun parts of your day! There are a few things you should think about when trying to come up with the music for your wedding. These are all things we cover in-depth with our clients during our planning, but here’s a few points to get you started.

Think about your goal for the night with music. Is it to hear your favorite tunes, get people dancing, or a blend of both? If a blend of both, keep in mind who your “dancing crowd” is and what music genres may appeal to them.

Give some details to the DJ as to why songs are important. This is something we discuss with all of our clients. Giving a little bit of information on a song will help personalize your night more and create those special moments. Things like “it’s the song my Matron of Honor and myself used to sing together as teenagers,” or “this is the Father of the Bride’s ring tone,” or “this is from the bachelor/bachelorette weekend,” or “this was playing when we first met,” are just a few examples.

There’s a place for everything with music. Whether it’s requested music from your guests that you may or may not want to hear, your favorite music that you can’t dance to, your parent’s first dance song, you other half’s favorite music that you can’t stand, or your favorite TV show theme song together – there’s a place for everything in the night. It’s all about where and when it’s played and how it’s presented. And these are things we go over with you as your DJ!

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Lastly, requests and your Do-Not-Play-List. Requests can be a good thing…or a bad thing. Requests can be a good thing in that it’s music your guests are asking for and could potentially get a good crowd response. Although it could be a bad thing if it’s a song that only the person requesting it likes, or it’s something you hate. Make sure to talk with your DJ on how you want requests handled, or how they would handle them. Requests coincide with a Do-Not-Play-List. Think about the songs, or genres, you absolutely do not want played. This is just as important as your Must Plays. It’s also something your DJ should talk about with you. Sometimes songs you may not want get requested by very important people and it’s important the DJ handle correctly. Think about if the Mother of the Bride, or Great-Grandmother who traveled 10 hours to the wedding, wants to hear the Electric Slide…but it’s on your Do-Not-Play-List. This is one example where discussing how to handle Requests and Do-Not-Plays come in handy!

These are a few of the thoughts that go into picking the music for the night. Keeping these things in mind will ensure you and your guests have not just a memorable night, but a personalized one as well!

About Troy:

Hello! My name is Troy Adams, and I’m the Owner & Head DJ of Carolina DJ Professionals. I’ve been DJing for more than 25 years, starting back in high-school in 1993 and then DJing my first wedding in 1997 while attending Elon University. Simply put, I love what I do…as does my team! I’m picky about who I bring on to represent myself and entrust with your wedding or event. They need to love it like I do, perform at a high level, and be full of integrity. We have nearly 50 DJs, Photo Booth staff and Live Musicians across our 5 offices in Charlotte, Asheville, Columbia, Greenville and Charleston.

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